What’s new — A Miscellaneous page

There’s a new page on the blog. It’s called Miscellaneous, for the obvious reason that that’s what the page will be used for — a site for material that might not fit in neatly elsewhere on the blog.

First up, there will be an original article by regular contributor Chris Hahn. It’s a full-length treatment of a mythical wargame matchup between Vikings and Samurai. Chris’s offering will also include color maps, a first for Lone Warrior blog, and something the magazine itself can’t do because of technical limitations. Now that we’ve teased you with what’s to come, no, the article hasn’t been posted — yet. But, as they say: Watch this space! Or watch the new Miscellaneous page. New stuff is coming soon!

There will be more to follow, as the blog expands on the possibilities offered by this new page. Perhaps — gasp! — there will even be material that’s not specifically solo-oriented, but is still of interest to gamers.

Right now, check the Miscellaneous page for Editor Rich Barbuto’s thoughts on the new page’s direction.

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2 Responses to What’s new — A Miscellaneous page

  1. Mike Crane says:

    George, your book review was first rate! And the idea of having a Miscellaneous page is really a tremendous idea. It just gets better and better! I can’t wait to read Chris Hahn’s article.

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