Blog milestones

Things are fairly busy with the Lone Warrior blog right now. The latest issue of the magazine is just out and drawing comment, and Rich has sent a new sample article that needs posting. Plus, there are several other items sent by blog contributors that are waiting in the wings.

But, before the moments slip too far into the past, it’s worth noting a couple of recent milestones for the blog.

First, the counter on the blog clicked over 100,000 hits a few days ago. (With no spectacular crash, Jonathan. Whew!)

Also within the last few days, the 100th post was put up on the blog.

Those are nice numbers, especially for a niche blog that isn’t even a year old yet. Thanks to all who have contributed, thereby making the blog interesting enough to draw all of those looks/hits by viewers.


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  1. JAird says:

    No crash ! I can sleep at nights again….at least until we reach 999,999 hits !

    Really, though, I think the blog has proved a great success – something that the SWA can be proud of, and especially those responisble for bringing the blog into existance – and maintaining it.

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