Technical difficulties

This blog has had some technical problems throughout Saturday. It was inaccessible for a while, but now seems to be responding, even though it might take several tries and some repeated use of the back button.

The reason seems to be that the network provider for the blog’s host site has been doing some major upgrades. They promise that full service will be restored by Sunday, if not sooner.

Sorry for any inconvenience and frustration.

— George Arnold, blog administrator

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3 Responses to Technical difficulties

  1. admin says:

    It should be fixed now, but I’m monitoring. Please reply here if you continue to experience issues reaching the site. My apologies.

  2. Derek Clark says:


    I am having problems. Clicking a button gives a 404 error but second or third click connects.

    Enjoying the site in spite of that – my first visit.

    • George Arnold says:

      Derek, our hosting site has been doing maintenance for the past two Saturdays, so there have been some periods when the Lone Warrior web site has been inaccessible or hard to access. It appears to be working fine again. Thanks for visiting. I think you’ll find a lot of interesting material here.

      George Arnold
      Blog administrator

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