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By Paul Le Long
Congratulations to Jonathan Aird, who has just had an excellent article published in Miniature Wargames with Battlegames no. 377. The article is about a long defunct journal Battle for Wargamers and is well worth a read. Jonathan even manages a sly plug for Lone Warrior!
Well done, Jonathan.
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2 Responses to Blog/LW contributor’s article published

  1. Chris Hahn says:

    Yes, well done, Mr. Aird!

    Will have to check back through Henry’s blog about the contents to make sure I get some details at least.

    I seem to recall a BATTLE magazine that I sometimes picked up in the late 70s at a local hobby shop. Charles Grant used to appear on the cover quite a bit, I think. Is this the same publication?

    Kudos to JA for managing to plug LW if even a little. In my brief communications with Mr. Hyde, I did not get any impression that he was anti-solo gaming or anti-LW.


    • JAird says:

      That’s the magazine in question – the first of oh so many that I’ve bought since!

      Charles Grant was certainly on the cover at least once (the Ancients special issue if I recall correctly) – he was also a regular contributor, as was his son with his Table Top Teasers (I really liked these paired articles – first month there would be a description of the “teaser” and the month after an always interesting write-up of the playing of the game).

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