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An elite unit for 1849

By Rob Morgan The major event of 1849 was the Siege of Rome, during the defence of the Roman Republic, and there was a small, but marvellous and very easily produced unit of earnest young men serving in the front … Continue reading

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Modern combat rules now available

Kevin White’s rules for modern combat between mechanized armies, “Battlegroup,” have been added to this web site. They were inspired by the Tom Clancy novel “Red Storm Rising.” They’re on the Complete Rule Sets page.  

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The possibilities of ‘Steam-Punk’… at sea!

By Rob Morgan The rise in popularity of this Victorian-Edwardian style of, well, just about everything, wargames included, has left many in the hobby far behind. Science Fiction. (Never ever Sci-Fi or Scy-Fy.) As Ben Bova used to say, ‘if … Continue reading

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‘King’s African Rifles Soldier versus Schutztruppe Soldier’ reviewed

Jonathan Aird reviews an Osprey Campaign series book on World War I in East Africa. Lots of gaming possibilities there, he finds. It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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Garibaldi: Beyond the Vosges

By Rob Morgan If I’d been able to find my Italian file, I’d probably have added this to my note on Garibaldi’s troops in the Army of the Vosges, which Jim Rohrer created recently. Now, Garibaldi inspired many nations to … Continue reading

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Dueling rules now available

Here’s a new addition to the Rule Sets page, a dice game for one or two players with rules for a fencing duel. Quick, easy and fun! The rules by Michael Barlow are on the Complete Rule Sets page.

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‘Escape from Atlantis’ Part 2: The ships

By Rob Morgan It’s quite incredible how many board games seem to have small and useful model ships included. Even ‘Monopoly’ has (or had?)  a splendid little ironclad warship as one of the pieces, but for the moment, let’s stick … Continue reading

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‘Escape from Atlantis’ Part 1

By Rob Morgan I don’t suppose Waddingtons Ltd have had so much coverage in a wargame publication for many years, but the response to my short note on the excellent game of ‘Buccaneer’ leads me onward. Peter Barkworth’s comment is … Continue reading

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A sample article for June

This month’s sample article from previous issues of Lone Warrior is “The Tochi Valley Escapade 1897” by Nic Birt. The article describes rules for a Northwest Frontier Colonial game, with one figure representing 10 men. It’s on the Sample Articles page.

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Blog link added

Here’s a new link to another blog that might interest lone warriors: On the right side of this web site is a category called Of Possible Soloist Interest. Contributor Jim Rohrer’s blog, ” Solo Wargaming for Amateurs,” can now be … Continue reading

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