French postcards

By Rob Morgan

This summer, staying in the walled medieval town of Dinan in Brittany, I had the opportunity to wander around some of the medieval-oriented bookshops and, in a tiny courtyard shop found a range of postcards, all with medieval military themes.

The cards are produced by Patrick Dallanegra and there are some 35 in all, of very high quality indeed and are marketed under the title Les Coulers de ‘Histoire. They come in sets of six or eight but, in fact, always seem to be sold singly in the shops and historical sites I’ve visited, between 1 and 3 Euros in price. There are cards of the Crusader Orders, and of armoured individuals for time-specific periods, for example 1170, 1390 and 1465. Cards representing individuals, William of Normandy, Joan of Arc and the ubiquitous Breton hero Bertrand du Guesclin among them. Each card has captions naming weapons, i.e. mace, two-handed sword and various parts of the armour worn Shields and distinctions are also shown.

The web site shows some figures but I haven’t seen them and can’t specifically work out scale. There are posters of medieval warfare too, but here is shown one of the cards I bought — a Teutonic knight from around the time of the great defeat at Tannenberg.

Worth looking out for, but it doesn’t seem that there is a British supplier for what is a specifically French product. Is there an American supplier?

The web site:

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