Hello, world! And a question

     As editor of Lone Warrior, I am honored to kick off this blog with a question.  “What content do solo wargamers want from a publication dedicated to their needs and desires?”  The answers to that question are probably equal to the number of solo gamers who respond, rugged individualists that we are.

     Lone Warrior attempts to offer an extensive variety of content from scenarios to techniques, as well as to appeal to a wide variety of periods and scales.  However, we have always been limited to what our writers send in.

     Lone Warrior is currently a hard-copy quarterly journal of 50 pages without ads.  The cost of postage drives up the cost of the magazine, hopefully not putting it out of reach of soloists.  In the glorious days of Magweb.com, Lone Warrior was most often in fourth place of over 100 Internet wargaming and history magazines, so our writers knew they were doing something right.

     Now, this blog initiates the first web presence of Lone Warrior in several years.  So, my question remains and I invite your responses, what can we do to make Lone Warrior useful, interesting, and valuable to you, the solo gamer?

Rich Barbuto

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  1. Mike Crane says:

    Kudos to Richard Barbuto and George Arnold! This blog is a terrific addition to the Lone Warrior tradition. Thank you both for your foresight and hard work. The potential for this idea is really great! –Mike Crane

    • George Arnold says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Mike.

      You also have the honor of being the very first commenter on the LW Blog. A giant trophy has been engraved in your name. Of course, this being the Internet, the trophy is “virtual,” so you’ll just have to imagine it! Good imagining!

      More seriously, you’ve already seen how easy it is to post a comment. Please continue and may this be an encouragement to the others who come to this blog.

      An administrative word: The blog machinery is set up so that first-time posters have to be approved before their post actually appears (spam control). So there might be a slight delay for first-timers since I’m not on the computer 24/7. Please be patient. Once a first post is approved, the poster should be able to see any later comments go up on the blog more or less immediately.

      George Arnold

  2. Paul Le Long says:

    Congratulations everybody on getting this thing off the ground. And congratulations Mike – that’s a truly enormous trophy you’ve got there!
    Registering & logging on etc was very easy George.
    You’ll have to excuse my ignorance but I’ve never really known the difference between a website & a blog….so I don’t know what sort of things it’s possible to do in this format. Is it just for discussion groups? With different message threads? Even if that’s all it is, it will be a great resource for soloists and a bit of extra publicity in general.
    Even better would be if we could have back issues on here or articles, sample articles, extra articles that aren’t for whatever reason in LW. Addenda to LW articles too – I remember that the old SWA website did things like print paper sailing ships to go alongside an article in LW on age of sail wargames rules.
    The old SWA website also had a monthly quiz – no prizes, just glory – with a leaderboard – great fun.
    What about reviews too? Rules, figures, games etc.
    The other thing the SWA used to do was have an advisors’ service – easily done in this format. If you had a questin the SWA member who was the expert in that particular subject would help you out. We could all just list our specialities or interests & people could get in touch with their queries.


    • George Arnold says:

      Welcome aboard, Paul!

      We’re a blog, as opposed to a full-blown web page. It’s much simpler — and cheaper — to start up a blog, so that seemed like the best place to begin.

      The Lone Warrior Blog page (where we are now) is the place for discussion. This post is only the first one here. Hopefully, there will be many more to come. As we go forward, we’ll be bringing on more of the regular contributors as posters in their own right. We’re hoping this will be a true community blog, with lots of input from many soloists.

      The other pages are informational, more like web pages, in that the content may or may not change over time, but they aren’t configured for discussion.

      You’ve brought up lots of good ideas. One thing we discussed while planning is that the blog must not siphon away content from the print magazine. The blog is a complement to the magazine. I’m not sure how to define the proper balancing point yet, but addenda to articles would surely be something that would fit the blog nicely. (I’ve got one in the works right now.)

      Not sure about reviews. I’d be inclined to aim them toward the magazine.


  3. Terrement says:


    Just found you here through the TMP notice. New to Blogs and such. Is there a “contact the editor” or PM link? Other than just posting a note like this one?


    • George Arnold says:

      Funny you should ask, JJ. We’ve now added a Contact page, so that anyone can do PMs to the site itself without having to post a comment on the blog. Just click the Contact button at the top of any page.

      It’s a new feature and we might be fine-tuning it as things develop. But we can say that about nearly everything we’re doing in these early days of the blog.


  4. JAird says:

    Well done Rich’ – LW back on the internet at long last ! Great job, looks good.

    I guess I’d better get my typing fingers going again.

  5. Pete says:

    Great to see this Blog for the LWA! WordPress is a good move.

  6. Steve Turner says:

    It’s great to see LW has a web page again. I’ve been a SWA member (on & off) for many years now (I think my UK collection of LWs goes back to No.17) and have seen a great number of changes – though not all for the better. However, a website run specifically by SWA members, for SWA members (and potential members) has to be a step in the right direction.
    I do have one question though…
    Will there be a subscription page on the website? One where members can renew their subs. and interested parties can join the association?
    I haven’t checked out the entire site yet, so this question may already be redundant.

    May I suggest that if a subs. page is to be included, could it include payment in a number of different ways (i.e. “PayPal” etc.)
    This would help members who do not live in the US, and would save them needing to forward their subs. to Rich in US dollars. Just a thought.

  7. Mike Crane says:

    I would like to thank George for the grand “First Commenter Trophy.” And, yes, Paul, it truly is enormous. In fact, it is so large that it will not fit on the mantel over the fireplace and visitors will never be able to see it. What a pity! I “imagine” that it is made of gold because it is “virtually” priceless to me.
    What is really priceless is the feedback in the Recent Comments section. There are many good ideas being presented. Steve Turner mentioned that he has a collection of the UK Lone Warrior back to No. 17. Wow! My collection only goes back to No. 109. I would love to read some of the articles from the old UK LW issues.
    The Archives section contains back articles. Could one of the four articles be rotated out each week and replaced with a different article? There would be something new to look forward to each week and to comment on for a month. I don’t know how hard that would be for George (he may have to imagine a substantial raise to his “virtual” salary); it’s just a thought.

    • George Arnold says:

      Hi Mike,

      Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the virtual trophy, even if it’s hard to display. And, no, I’d have to decline any raise to my original salary here. It would just push me into a virtually higher tax bracket.

      The current plan is to replace one of the sample articles each month. At least until the blog has become more widely read, we’d rather leave the articles up for a longer period, giving new readers a chance to find them before some of the articles have already been replaced.


  8. Mike Crane says:

    Oooops! I just noticed that the Archives section does not include past articles. Change that to the Sample Articles section (see the top of the page). I found my mistake when looking for the new Table of Contents–which will save a lot of time, by the way. Thanks, Rich!

  9. ljean8080 says:

    How far back do the back issues go?

    • Rich Barbuto says:

      Well, actually, we have back issues as far back as 114. As you might imagine, there are several gaps. I’d suggest that folks who want back issues send a note to me at lonewarrior@kc.rr.com. I’ll reply with the numbers of the requested back issues that are available.

  10. Mike Crane says:

    Does anyone know of a model company that makes a 25mm copy of the last official Confederate flag (the Stainless Banner with a red bar on the fly)? It will be used as the ensign on an ironclad. Thanks.

    • George Arnold says:


      I’ve checked my usual sources (musketminiatures.com in the States), where I get almost all of my ACW stuff.

      Under their ACW 22mm line (close to 25mm), they show a Third Confederate National flag in metal. The catch is, you’d have to paint it up yourself. But it’s not a difficult flag and all you really have to do is “color inside the lines.”

      I can’t really help on decal flags. Maybe someone else can pitch in.


      • Mike Crane says:

        Thanks for the flag info, George. I think he wants the decal.

        I enjoyed your ACW article on Prairie Grove. Well, . . . actually, I was kinda hoping the South would win this time, but. . . .

        There is to be a sesquicentennial re-enactment at Prairie Grove this winter in case you are interested.

  11. Marvin Scott says:

    Looks good so far.Maybe we should go easy on the imaginary trophy stuff.People might think we are just a bunch of nuts.Some of us are normal (almost).Archive note I start with Lone Warrior 23.

  12. ljean8080 says:

    any chance people could put up articles from the early issues??

  13. Wolf Warrior says:

    Great stuff guys congratulations to one and all on a great start. It is good to see a Lone Warrior presence back on the web. Here’s to some interesting electronic conversations.

    • Steve Turner says:

      As I mentioned above, I have all the UK editions of LW as far back as No.17 (which, by the way, is dated May 1978). However, I’m sure there are members out there who still have copies of the magazine even earlier than this.
      Personally, I’m quite willing to make articles from these early magazines available to members, either via the website or via Rich Barbuto and Lone Warrior itself. It shouldn’t be too difficult to scan the articles and then forward them to either George or Rich. On the other hand, it won’t be efficient to send out articles to individual members who might want them (and anyway, I just don’t have the time) plus, I’m assuming that the SWA still owns the copyright to all published, so forwarding articles to individual members would probably breach some law or other anyway, either here in the UK or over in the States.

      What do members think? I’d love to know if there’ d be a market for such articles.

      • George Heath says:

        It would be quite in order accept the concept that SWA now holds the copyright to all material unless specifically withheld by the author. In the early days of SWA as long as it was acknowledged by the user then all material could be re-published. It was some time later that the copyright notice came into effect and it was done by the then committee.

        • Lone Wolf Warrior says:

          With SWA Secretary hat on and for clarification:
          Quite correct George the SWA holds the copyright to all materials published within it unless the author of an article has their own copyright attached to an article in which case this takes precedence. The formal wording in the front of LW was placed there as part of the contractual arrangements required when we permitted Magweb to place LW on their web-site. The copyright terms however had existed well previous to that they were just not published in LW itself but were explained as required to the various contributors. In effect to re-publish articles requires the written permission of the SWA or the copyright owner. Hope this helps.

  14. Charlie Miller says:

    Hi Rich and George,
    Congrats on getting the BLOG going! It will provide a forum to discuss issues of common interest. Thanks for directing me here Rich. Take care.
    Best Regards,
    Charlie Miller

  15. Jeffrey G. Chorney says:

    Hey nice going! Good to see this site up and running. I would be greatly interested if someone was to post the old L.W. back issues for free on this site as I can’t suscribe to everything …. Jeff

  16. Rich Barbuto says:

    Good comment. Currently the old issues of Lone Warrior are not digitized and the project of digitizing them is for the future. We are planning to develop a premium website where, for a small annual fee, members can access many of the back issues as well as the current issue. This would not affect subscriptions to the hard copy of Lone Warrior. If you are familiar with Magweb.com, that is the trajectory we aspire to. Having said that, the SWA is a volunteer organization so these projects take us awhile. We are just in the exploratory phase now, but as we draw closer, you will read about it here first.

  17. ljean8080 says:

    Count me in.

  18. Wayne Burch says:

    Looking forward to all of the contents of this site. I’m sure I am not the only one missing Magweb. Thanks Rich and George.

  19. ljean8080 says:

    I saw an index of LW articles.What does ECW stand for?

  20. Rich Barbuto says:

    ECW = English Civil War
    BTW, we hope to add a few more years to the table of contents before too long.

  21. JAird says:

    I’m not actually sure how far my own back issues pile goes – I think around Issue 60 was where I “came in” to the SWA, and I bought back issues at that time and I’ve managed to pick up some others from second hand traders at wargame shows.

    It would be something indeed to get every issue digitised – it’d be a big job though, complicated by the various different size formats over the years !

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