Here comes No. 190!

The latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine is now being delivered. Electronic subscribers should already be receiving their copies, while print subscriptions are in the mail.

Here’s a quick look at the contents:

  • “An Austrian-French Tussle” by Gary Hutton: A description of a Napoleonic battle fought out on the tabletop.
  • “… And whatsoever passes through the paths of the seas” by Rob Morgan: Ideas for incorporating “denizens of the deep” into naval games.
  • “A Hunting We Will Go: A Review of ‘The Lion Eats Tonight'” by Rupert Cullum: Description of a safari game and thoughts on the rules used.
  • “Rich Knapton RIP,” by Rob Morgan: A tribute to the former editor of The Reiter, the journal of the Pike and Shot Federation.
  • “Aide-de-Camp” by Kevin White: Skirmish rules for 54mm Napoleonics.
  • “Cowen’s Locomotive Land Battery” by Rob Morgan: An “armored fighting vehicle” that was patented around 1855.
  • “Exploring a ‘Loss’ in Solo Wargames” by Bob Stewart: Memorable ways of dealing with/explaining various types of “losses” in games and campaigns.
  • “Solo Methods” by Marvin Scott: Ideas for limiting knowledge of the enemy in solo wargames.
  • “Editorial” by Rich Barbuto: Suggestions for breaking out of a gaming rut.
  • “A Russian Flotilla c. 1700 AD from ‘Pirate Ships” by Rob Morgan: Modeling ideas for Peter the Great’s Azov flotilla.
  • “Taking Stock” by George Arnold: Even a scattershot approach to the hobby can bring long-term progress.
  • “Ligny” by Rich Barbuto: Setting up and conducting a re-fight of the 100 Days battle
  • “Some Simple Mechanisms of an Old Lone Warrior” by Graham Empson: Ways to add unpredictability to force selection and battle plans in solo games.
  • And more.

As usual, the electronic version features lots of color: illustrations, charts, maps and photos.

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  1. JAird says:

    Shaping up to be a great issue – I’ve enjoyed reading Rupert Cullum’s article so far. Very entertaining, and sounds like a fun game as well.

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