Last chance to get hard-copy back issues! Prices reduced!

By Rich Barbuto, Editor, Lone Warrior

Effective immediately, all remaining back issues of Lone Warrior are on sale at reduced prices. After June 30, 2016, any remaining hard-copy Lone Warriors will be sent to recycle.  (Must make room for more figures!)

Hard-copy back issues for the U.S. and Canada are now only $3 each, which includes postage. The minimum order is four issues. Back issues to other countries are $7 each, which includes postage. Again, a four-issue minimum order.

Most issues from 111 to the present are available. However, PLEASE choose a few substitute issues, since some issues will disappear before I receive your order.

Transfer funds in US$ through PayPal to  Include the desired issues and substitutes in the message window of your transaction or in a separate e-mail.

Payment can also be by cash, check, or money order in US currency.  Send to: Solo Wargamers Association; 1707 Ridge Road; Leavenworth, KS  66048.

Here’s what is available as of 11 January 2016:

lw chart

And finally, The Best of Lone Warrior special edition — 5 are available.

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