Lone Warrior No. 184 is out

My (hard) copy of Lone Warrior  magazine showed up in the mail today.  (Remember, it’s available electronically in PDF form too.) Here’s a list of the contents:

“Crete: The Battle and the Resistance” by Rob Morgan;

“To Halt Hannibal North of the Alps” by Chris Hahn;

“Painting Tactics for Solo Wargamers” by Bob Stewart;

“DBV — Adventures in Ancient Skirmishing” by Jonathan Aird;

“A House Divided: ECW Campaigns and Tabletop Rules” by Kevin White;

“Activate Your Inner Holmes: ‘The Battle of the Ages'” by Jeffrey G. Chorney;

“Event Cards” by Jeffrey G. Chorney;

“Putting the Pieces Together — A Dream Project” by George Arnold;

“Allied Invasion of the Channel Islands 1944 (or ’43)” by Paul Le Long;

“Niagara 1812: A Dream Project” by Rich Barbuto;

“Ambush in the Sky” by Marvin Scott.

Lots of good stuff!

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