No. 189 now arriving!

Lone Warrior magazine Editor Rich Barbuto reports that issue No. 189 is now being sent to subscribers. Here’s a list of the contents:

  • “A Narrative Battle” by Paul Le Long: Using a “fate chart” and narrative role-playing to conduct a tabletop battle.
  • “First Day at Gettysburg” by Rich Barbuto: Designing an encounter game for the ACW, with rules for the ensuing engagement.
  • “Marching into the Mohmand Valley” by Chris Hahn: Gaming a Colonial battle based on an historical description by a young Winston Churchill.
  • “The Blue and the Gray” by Kevin White: Simple rules for battles on a grid of 3-inch squares.
  • “Randomizing a Game Set-Up” by George Arnold. Using a battle between Italian condottieri forces to illustrate ways to use dice to choose orders of battle, terrain, and deployment.
  • “What It Is, Is a Dream” by Jonathan Aird: Thoughts on a “dream project” of gaming a vast Battle of Lepanto galley fight.
  • “A Small River Campaign in Mesopotamia – 1915” by Rob Morgan: British and Turkish gunboats on the Tigris and Euphrates during World War I.
  • “Thinking About Konigraatz? Small Scale Raid Wargames” by Rob Morgan: Ideas for a small battle between an English landing party and a Prussian shore battery.
  • “San Jacinto 1836: Building Surprise into Your Wargame” by Rich Barbuto: Ways to add elements of surprise to your gaming fun.
  • “A Dalek Enemy: A Science Fiction Tank” by Rob Morgan. Kit-bashing an historical model into one for science fiction.
  • XXX Century Starships: A Science Fiction Wargame Note” by Rob Morgan: Current availability of some science-fiction models.
  • “Editorial” by Rich Barbuto: A reminder of the coming conversion to an all-digital Lone Warrior, some results of a recent subscriber survey, and the latest gaming and other doings by our editor.

Plus, lots of color photos and charts (in the e-mail versions).

All comments welcome! Good reading!

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One Response to No. 189 now arriving!

  1. Lone Wolf Warrior says:

    I could be lulled into thinking that this edition was my early Christmas present. First a great article from Rich on my favourite period which just happends to be ACW. It comes complete the solo mechanics, a nice set of of simple rules and even photographs. Then Chris Hahn delves into my second favourite period,Victorian Colonial, with the intrepid hussar Churchill and produces a highly polished and readable article and another book now on my wish list. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better Kevin White proved me wrong with another of his excellent articles this time on the ACW. So thanks guys for such a great, if early, present.

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