More tat? More terrain!

By Jonathan Aird

Once more I have found that I have had to face up to that greatest of perils that a wargamer may face – the mild scorn of one’s loved ones. The main reason for a recent holiday on Dartmoor was to walk amongst the Tors and experience again the wild openness of the high moors. However, I also came across some interesting tourist tat in the gift shops in the villages. As regular readers may recall, in a previous article on a similar subject I mentioned that it had been quite a while since I’d seen knick-knacks which had usefulness in the realm of fantasy wargaming.Well, deep in the moor I found a minor treasure trove — a fine collection of prepainted skulls. I passed on the pixies that were guarding them though!

There was quite a range – maybe a dozen different types – however, I only picked up examples of two different models as shown in the pictures. A giant skull, surrounded by smaller skulls and another skull with a small dragon perched upon it. The skulls are about 30mm tall – which in 25mm would make it the remains of a 50-foot giant — and the Dragon the merest newborn hatchling! However – in another scale all this changes. Think of the mighty titan that would have left such a skull behind in 6mm! And in such a case the Dragon would now be an impressive 80 feet long from snout to end of tail. It’s this latter use that most appeals for the skulls with lesser skulls about them – think of movies like Conan and Red Sonja where the landscape was littered with such gigantic remains. I’m going to make at least one into the pinnacle of a small hill to use with my 6mm Hordes of the Things armies.  Should look spectacular.  The Dragon skull I think I will place on a stony base and use as a marker or an encounter for 25mm dungeon questing adventurers to stumble into.

At £1.75 per item it’s a reasonable way to acquire some nice looking additional terrain at very little effort.

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