On Eastern rivers and lakes

By Rob Morgan

My Ostfront naval flotillas are, for the most part, 1n 1/300th scale, and range from the old Skytrex landing craft and gunboats to the newest acquisition, the Zvezda Russian-made armoured river boat shown here.

It’s a new issue and unusual for this company, Zvezda, which make tank AFVs and aircraft for the most part, and in larger scales. This small warship is in 1/350th, but will fit in nicely with my other Soviet river vessels. In fact, it’s only a few millimeters shorter than the Skytrex Project 1125 boat.

The model is in eight parts, and the hull about 50mm long overall. Discard the hefty and useless base, and use the flag for your Napoleonic fort or medieval troops. The hull fits neatly to the deck, and the few fittings are easily cemented in place. There are two mg turrets and a choice of T34 or T28 turret for the main armament. You can mix and match here, using as an alternative a 1/300th Heroics and Ross BT7 turret, for instance. The mg turret on the armoured deckhouse can be replaced with a searchlight, as another alternative. You can add a life-raft, a 1/600th scale one will do, either on the foredeck or right aft. You’ll need a pin for a mast with obligatory big red banner, of course! That’s about it.

The Germans and their Axis pals used quite a few of them after capture, and the options are open for all sorts of add-on armament there, but the T34 turret would almost inevitably be kept, I suspect. Paint job? Well, scruffy dark green or grey. A lovely model.

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