Osprey reviews

By Jonathan Aird

Well, I think we’ve reached about 134 in the Osprey reviews section – it’s a lot, but there’s definitely a lot more to do!

It’d be great to see a few more names helping with this self-imposed epic task — the thumbnail reviews really don’t take long at all, but there’s also room for longer reviews if the title is really inspiring in a wargaming sense.  I always enjoy Rob Morgan’s contributions with suggestions on useful figures etc.

There’s plenty to pick from – at least another thousand titles to go. Personally, I’d really like to see some reviews of the Wargame Rules series — and if anyone has come up with scenarios or additional rules for these then those would be great material for inclusion in Lone Warrior magazine.

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  1. Paul Le Long says:

    well it just so happens…..I just reviewed Lion & Dragon Rampant from the Osprey Wargames Rules series….

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