Request for playtesters

 (Long-time SWA member Godfrey Bailey submits the following.)

Hi All,

Over the last nine years I have been designing, developing and play-testing a solo boardgame. I completed it last year and have an amateur copy of the game available. The problem is that now I have hit a brick wall because so far my contribution to the hobby has been buying and playing games so I don’t know where to go with my own game. I did some research on copyright locally but without much success so am reluctant to divulge too many details on the game to anyone. The game needs to be thoroughly play-tested though but I have not had much success with play-testers locally. Also, if the game is liked I would like to present it professionally to fellow gamers but cannot approach a boardgame company until play-testing is concluded.

I am offering SWA members an opportunity to first of all, get a free game and secondly, to become a member of a team of play-testers for a couple of months or so. Following are the requisites to be eligible as a play-tester of my game:

 SWA Member

Since I believe all members of the SWA are people of integrity, I will avoid any copyright infringements by restricting play-testers to members of our society only. Should you decide to send for a copy of the game please input the same e-mail you use to contact the SWA and I will confirm with administration that you are in fact a member of our society.

 Experienced Player

Being an experienced boardgames player is important because, though I have rated my game to be of medium complexity, there are a number of innovative rules and concepts which gives the game an impression of being somewhat complex.

 Play Multiple Games

A playtester must be ready to play the game several times. The idea is to attempt to ‘crack’ the system which means finding a way to win every game. A ‘cracked’ solo game becomes unplayable so I have to ensure my system generates a challenge every time.

 Active in the Forum

Regular participation in game discussions in the forum is important to link all the players feedback in one location where they can then be discussed communally.

 Ordering the Game

To become a playtester and receive a free copy of the game go to Have a browse, say Hi! on the forum and you can also fill in and submit the Order Form straight away if you are going to commit.

 Please contact any other SWA members you know who might be interested.

— Godfrey Bailey


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