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A new sample article is now available

In this month’s sample article from previous numbers of Lone Warrior, Craig Dunglison shares his lifelong interest in gaming and how it led to writing for the journal. It’s on the Sample Articles page. Share this…emailPrintFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin +4

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Airfix Magazine and Airfix 1/76th-scale figures

By Rob Morgan To continue where, well, more or less where, I finished in my previous note, there was a substantial number of series dealing with the conversion, upgrading and the general potential of the Airfix small-scale wargames figures during … Continue reading

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More on banana oil

By Brian Cameron Oddly, a day or so after my last post, a friend asked me about banana oil, which prompted me to look into the subject. You can get the genuine article here: However, it’s worth noting that … Continue reading

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Banana oil and wargaming!

By Rob Morgan Yes, now that takes me back! Brian Cameron is quite right, several of the old Airfix articles on modelling 20mm plastic figures contained instructions on ‘fixing’ additions with banana oil. I recall being given advice by an … Continue reading

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Airfix Magazines

By Brian Cameron Anyone who is enthused by Rob Morgan’s comments can find a selection of issues on the Internet Archive: I remember many of the articles about converting Airfix figures (and have copies of some), often using plasticene … Continue reading

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Scruby catalog from the ’90s now on-line

James Camilli has provided a copy of a catalog from Jack Scruby’s Soldier Factory dated  1997. It’s interesting to note the changes from older Scruby catalogs. The later one is focused almost entirely on larger-scale figures, such as 54mm, rather … Continue reading

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Ancient wargames notes in Airfix Magazine long, long ago

By Rob Morgan We seem to have started a serious discussion on the subject of using Airfix 1/76th scale figures and their potential for conversion, so perhaps it’s time to offer a few memories of the articles that cropped up … Continue reading

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Floating grids

By Jim Rohrer This is a new game board set up for me. It was inspired by Bob Cordery’s Wargame Miscellany site. Bob uses hexes instead of squares. This site shows use of floating squares but they are 2″ … Continue reading

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Two discounted wargames books available

By Rob Morgan That excellent mail order discount book dealer Postscript (details below) has two sound wargames titles in its new March 2021 List, No. 326, which arrived here today. Both are Pen & Sword titles, and both are by … Continue reading

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Classic-style wargaming: figures and terrain

By Jim Rohrer The writing of Charles Grant has opened my eyes to some ways the wargaming hobby has changed.  Grant used 1/72 Airfix figures out of the box, sometimes apparently unpainted and unbased.  Today, hobbyists are naturally led to … Continue reading

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