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Plague seasons and campaigns

By Rob Morgan The weather column in ‘The Times’ recently reported some research, with clear medieval or early Renaissance wargames campaign potential, by a Dr. Pribyl of the University of East Anglia, reconstructing the climate of that part of England … Continue reading

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Best era to be a soldier

By Jim Rohrer This issue might be relevant to the decision about which era you to prefer to wargame. We all can agree that war is a nasty business and should be avoided at all costs. But wars do happen … Continue reading

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Cathedral – a very useful board game

By Rob Morgan A little while before we were all forced to stay in, I bought a boxed game in the local charity shop. It cost me £1.99, about 3 Euros, or, what, $2.50-ish? Now I’ve had the chance to … Continue reading

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What are we missing?

By Rob Morgan  The first event ‘programmes’ have arrived since the beginning of the lonely ‘Month of Sundays’ which we face. In the light of such a substantial withdrawal from everything across the board, ‘Cons,’ shows, anniversaries and commemorations, re-enactments, … Continue reading

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Just the one copy?

By Rob Morgan Back in the 1970s, the local model shop sold everything around in the field of wargaming. From time to time, a ‘new’ magazine appeared on the shelves, then vanished in a short space of time. By the … Continue reading

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‘Mad Mike’ Hoare, mercenary

By Rob Morgan I honestly thought he’d died years ago, so the appearance of his obituary in The Times the other day surprised me. He was over a hundred years old, which seems a remarkable age to reach for someone … Continue reading

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Women and table-top wars

By Rob Morgan H.G. Wells, when he wrote his legendary wargaming work, didn’t exclude girls and women from the potential of playing those “Little Wars,” so how did about 50 percent of the population slip away from the several genres … Continue reading

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Sad news for us all

Jeff Bayton, a Co-Vice President of the Solo Wargamers Association from its earliest days, informs us that Honorary Member Stuart Asquith passed away on November 4th. Among his many contributions to our hobby, Stuart was the author of The Partizan … Continue reading

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A Jack Scruby catalogue from early 1970s

Rich Barbuto takes a look back at a Jack Scruby catalogue from the early 1970s. Scruby, one of the founders of the hobby, especially in the U.S., was producing a wide variety of figures in many eras and sizes, long … Continue reading

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Another useful find

By Rob Morgan Buy it when you see it … and not when you need it, as the old saying goes. I was in ‘The Works’ discount bookshop the other afternoon, and picked up this pack: Ten ‘wooden embellishments’ for … Continue reading

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