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Question from a reader

<<A reader submits the following. Can anyone answer his question?>> Hello, I enjoy your blog. I usually do not play solo but still enjoy all of the articles. I am hoping somebody out there can provide me a way to … Continue reading

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‘Programmed Wargame Scenarios’ – 2nd edition revised & expanded

By Brian Cameron This is a follow-up to my previous e-mail as I’ve now received my copy. I’ve not made a line-by-line comparison but there appear to be very few changes. The expansion is the addition of a new scenario. … Continue reading

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The chess board as the ultimate portable wargame

By Jim Rohrer Wargaming on a chessboard combines the advantages of playing on a small space, portability, and using a grid.  Some special rules are needed to avoid confusion.  For example, no diagonal movements are allowed.  One-Hour Wargames rules lend … Continue reading

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New edition of ‘Programmed Wargame Scenarios’ available

<<Brian Cameron sends along this bit of good news:>> Hi I don’t think I have a login for the blog but latest news from Caliver Books: “We are dead chuffed to bring you the 2nd edition of ‘Programmed Wargame  Scenarios,’ … Continue reading

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Question about PBM campaign

<<Mark Phillips in the UK submits the following query:>> Hello; Decades ago I was part of a PBM , I believe called Macedon, which was an excellent pbm about the different Diadochi generals and provinces, really in depth. I had … Continue reading

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Plague seasons and campaigns

By Rob Morgan The weather column in ‘The Times’ recently reported some research, with clear medieval or early Renaissance wargames campaign potential, by a Dr. Pribyl of the University of East Anglia, reconstructing the climate of that part of England … Continue reading

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Best era to be a soldier

By Jim Rohrer This issue might be relevant to the decision about which era you to prefer to wargame. We all can agree that war is a nasty business and should be avoided at all costs. But wars do happen … Continue reading

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Cathedral – a very useful board game

By Rob Morgan A little while before we were all forced to stay in, I bought a boxed game in the local charity shop. It cost me £1.99, about 3 Euros, or, what, $2.50-ish? Now I’ve had the chance to … Continue reading

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What are we missing?

By Rob Morgan  The first event ‘programmes’ have arrived since the beginning of the lonely ‘Month of Sundays’ which we face. In the light of such a substantial withdrawal from everything across the board, ‘Cons,’ shows, anniversaries and commemorations, re-enactments, … Continue reading

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Just the one copy?

By Rob Morgan Back in the 1970s, the local model shop sold everything around in the field of wargaming. From time to time, a ‘new’ magazine appeared on the shelves, then vanished in a short space of time. By the … Continue reading

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