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Yes! You can wargame with almost anything!

By Rob Morgan The photograph is of a small wargame I prepared several years ago, to use at an ‘open day,’ simply to illustrate the ease with which a wargame can be created. Several other demonstrations chose to show off … Continue reading

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A rare find: ‘Armada’ board game

By Rob Morgan I’ve just acquired a naval board game produced by Jeux Descartes of Paris. Invented by Phillipe des Pailleures and Patrice Pillet, their names are on the box. I bought it intact, for £2 in the local Oxfam … Continue reading

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‘War Machine’ magazine

By Rob Morgan For me, the 1980s were a lean time, as a wargamer. Marriage, the kids, promotion, moving house, again, all took a toll of my interests. That’s why I didn’t buy War Machine, the 25-page themed magazine from … Continue reading

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Found: ‘Scale Models’ magazines

By Rob Morgan “I’ve got something here might interest you,” said my friend in the Oxfam charity shop: a pile of magazines from the late 1960s and, as they say on the TV antiques programmes, immaculate. Most were model railway … Continue reading

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Review of Tabletop Gaming magazine, Issue 7

Jonathan Aird reviews the latest issue of the magazine, which has announced it is going to a six-issues a year schedule. It’s on the Reviews page.

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A sample article for the New Year

This month’s sample article from the pages of past Lone Warrior issues is different. It’s a blast from the very recent past; in fact, this sample article is from the current edition of the magazine. Usually, the samples go back … Continue reading

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It’s not tat – it’s terrain

By Jonathan Aird As I travel around, I like to glance through the wares available from the gaudier tourist souvenir vendors. I have found they are, as often as not, veritable gold mines for cheap terrain. Not only are there … Continue reading

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PBEM Golan Heights 1973 wargame campaign

By Nic Birt I have created a wargames campaign for the Golan Heights battles of the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The campaign webpage is: One form of ‘solo’ wargaming I’m keen to develop is PBEM (play by email) … Continue reading

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Games and brains

By Marvin Scott The cover of the July 2016 Scientific American caught my eye. Its cover story was “Better Brains from Games: shooting zombies isn’t mindless fun; action games can enhance mental skills.” Inside on pages 26-31, an article classified … Continue reading

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Sometimes, you just have to buy it!

By Rob Morgan “Ever heard of this?” the lady in the Oxfam shop asked, handing me a small A5 green binder, priced at only £1.99. Oh, yes, I had! Airfix Magazine began publication in June 1960, when I was just … Continue reading

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