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‘Prince Emsah’s Guard’ rules

Here’s another entry for the  Complete Rule Sets page. These rules are by Bob Stewart and involve a search of a mummy’s tomb. It’s all played out with simple rules — suitable for play with the kiddos — and uses simple … Continue reading

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Who remembers “A Game of War?’

By Rob Morgan Sorting through some ancient videotapes, destined for disposal, I found, along with the kids’ “Postman Pat” and”My Little Pony,” a long forgotten and damaged tape. In my own barely legible hand it reads…. “A Game of War”  … Continue reading

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‘Playing at the World’ book review

Paul Le Long reviews “Playing at the World,” a history of Dungeons and Dragons role-playing games, with a brief history of wargaming, from Chess forward, included. It’s highly recommended. It’s on the Reviews page.

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Friday Insights

By Rob Morgan It often surprises me, knowing that wargamers are ardent historians and avid readers, how little so many of us share with the others in our fraternity. The title of this piece (which I know you opened up … Continue reading

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Review of Daniel Mersey’s ‘Wargamer’s Guides’

Paul Le Long reviews wargamer guides to four different periods and finds them useful, even if basic. It’s on the Reviews page.

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‘Little Wars’ magazine (1978)

By Rob Morgan Back in the 1980s and 1990s, there were half a dozen model and wargaming shops within a few miles of where I live. They often threw up odd items which might never be seen again. Like the … Continue reading

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An early wargaming disaster

By Rob Morgan If my mother had allowed me the use of one of her crisp, starched white bedsheets, it wouldn’t have happened, but she was convinced I’d tie-dye it or something like that. So it was ‘No!’ Anyway, I … Continue reading

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Review of The Miniature Parade magazine (1968)

Rich Barbuto reviews an old publication from wargaming pioneer Jack Scruby, the December 1968 edition of The Miniature Parade magazine. It’s on the Reviews page.

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Lectures for those near London

By Rob Morgan The National Army Museum programme for Spring 2018 has arrived. London-based members and readers may already know of the ‘Friday Insights’ series of talks, held at the Museum in Chelsea at 11.30 on Friday mornings — obviously! … Continue reading

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What’s your best of 2017?

By George Arnold Here’s a fun suggestion (hat-tip for the idea to Jonathan Aird) now that 2017 is behind us: So, what was the best gaming experience you had in the past year? Was it a new project, an unusually … Continue reading

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