Review of ‘Armies of the German Peasants’ War’ (Osprey)

Rob Morgan provides a detailed look at an Osprey Men-at-Arms series book on the “Armies of the German Peasants’ War 1524-1526.”

It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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4 Responses to Review of ‘Armies of the German Peasants’ War’ (Osprey)

  1. Paul Le Long says:

    Well Rob Morgan has done it again – reviewed an Osprey that’s been on my mind for ages. I’m going to start wearing a tinfoil hat because he’s obviously reading my mind.

    Another excellent review. As I say, I have wondered about this one for some time & since my library doesn’t have it I wondered whether it was worth purchasing. Now I know it is; which is the entire point of the ‘Ospreys at a Glance’ reviews of course.

    So Rob – Hussite Wars & Napoleon’s Overseas Army next please….unless you knew that already!

    • George Arnold says:

      Rob is indeed reading your mind, Paul, at least on Napoleon’s Overseas Armies. It’s already in the queue for future use!

      Nothing as yet on the Hussite wars. Would you settle for his review of the Armies of the Hanseatic League? It’s coming too.


  2. JAird says:

    Getting a little spooky – I’ve been thinking about this book as well – I foresee articles on peasant revolts coming up soon in LW !

    And whilst I’m not all that interested in Napoleon’s Oversea Armies, I have been wondering about the Hanseatic League.

    Did we enter the Twilight Zone at some point ?

  3. Paul Le Long says:

    ok, where’s that tinfoil hat…?

    Hanseatic League does sound interesting actually. That’s got me thinking: Essex libraries have about one thousand Ospreys – the ones I’ve reviewed so far are either the ones I own or the ones I borrowed from the library because they interested me. That leaves hundreds still on the library shelves. If anyone has any requests of Ospreys they’d like to see reviewed, I would be happy to see if the library has them & write a brief review.

    Likewise, if anyone has The Hussite Wars or Mughal India then I’d love to see them reviewed.


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