Review of ‘Attila and the Nomad Hordes’ (Osprey)

Rob Morgan reviews an entry from the Osprey Elite series and finds it tries to cover too much ground.

It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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2 Responses to Review of ‘Attila and the Nomad Hordes’ (Osprey)

  1. Paul Le Long says:

    How odd – I only finished reading this book yesterday! I agree that it’s just too broad so that all the information seemed to whizz past in a bit of a blur. The (very short) section on the ‘forest peoples’ was the most interesting bit I thought. I borrowed this book from the library; had I bought it, I think I’d have been disappointed – but as it is I thought it was a good jumping off point so it’s certainly worth a read.

  2. JAird says:

    It’s getting to be a bit of a theme, isn’t it ? The Command Title on Attila was also not so very good on the apparent subject. Quite good on the Steppe people in general and their Roman opponents, but the material directly about the actual headline topic “Attila” was very sparse. It does represent a real problem with a lack of genuine in period recorded material that is not solely from the point of view of their enemies.

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