Review of Napoleonic miniatures set

Jim Rohrer reviews an inexpensive set of Napoleonic miniatures and finds them suitable for creating a diverse force.

It’s on the Reviews page.

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  1. Martin Smith says:

    Thanks Jim
    That was a game (Viktory II) I was unaware of. From a little internet browsing it seems the full game has over 100 figures.
    However, finding a copy ‘this side of the pond’ might prove problematic!! They’re on ebay uk in small batches, but sent from the US.

  2. JohnY says:

    Rob Morgan writes:

    The figures and weapons, described as 15mm, do seem to have some potential for wargamers. The mounted and foot figures remind me of the masses of small plastic figures which used to turn up in sets of the Waddington’s board game “RISK” a few years ago. They were around 10mm scale as I recall, but of course the single stance is always a problem for the gamer. The cannon has better value I think, since basic smoothbore artillery can fit in with many manufacturers figures, and this gun looks to me as though with very little work it could find use from the late 17th century through to say the North West Frontier, Sikh Wars, and the Boer Wars and Boxer Rebellion.\

    The warship, a sturdy looking three masted Ship of the Line, is the model I find most interesting. This could be easily super-detailed to make a warship from 1700-1860, later if you add a short funnel. If they are indeed sold at eight to a pack then one pack can provide a decent small table-top encounter as the hull and fairly basic rigging has a simple look which will suit most navies. The design reminds me of some of the scratch-built ship models used in Don Featherstone’s original ‘Naval Wargames’. Are these models pliable or hard plastic? What exactly is the game?

  3. jimr says:

    Sorry. The game is Viktory II.

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