September’s sample article

This month’s sample article from the pages of previous issues of Lone Warrior magazine is from No. 165: Chris Hahn reports on a game featuring a small portion of the ACW Battle of Shiloh, using “Fire and Fury” rules.

It’s on the Sample Articles page.

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2 Responses to September’s sample article

  1. Chris Hahn says:

    Well now . . . there’s a “blast from the past.” Has it been six years already?! Time flies, as the cliche states. Now, instead of ACW concerns, my focus appears to be – nay, is – Ancients.

    At the risk of being accused of self-promotion, I have an article/report appearing in Issue 295 of SLINGSHOT. There is a very good chance that I will have another report published in Issue 296.

    Thanks to George for digging this one up and putting it on the samples page. Thanks to Dr. Barbuto for his continued commitment to our journal and to encouraging fellow solo gamers to contribute.



    • JAird says:

      Rats! I let my sub’ to the SoA lapse again – and the crop of articles in the last few issues looks to have been much more to my taste! Will have to try and get a hold of the issues your articles are in.

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