Spanish-US war rules now available

A set of game rules for the Spanish-American War are now available on this website. The rules were written by Prisco Hernandez and George Knapp and were used by them for convention play. They’re finely balanced; either side can win.

The rules can be found on the Complete Rule Sets page.

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3 Responses to Spanish-US war rules now available

  1. Martin Smith says:

    Thanks for publishing. The rules look like the kind I prefer – simple but effective (and not simplistic). Grids are my current ‘go to’, as well.

    Quick question – where do you source numbered chips for the game? Is there eg a household game which uses them?

  2. Rich Barbuto says:

    From George Knapp: I’m sure one can buy pre-marked chips from some source, but I don’t know which. Mine are all hand numbered and colored. The chips I have are a mix of types mostly from wargame sources such as conventions. They are ½-in diameter to ¾-inch diameter. They are mostly wooden and a few plastics. A cheap alternative is #0 FSC Wood Biscuits which are 5/8-inch and have a flat football shape. In each instance, I have marked the chips 1-10 with a Sharpie and in some cases I have colored the chips with highlighters so that they don’t get mixed up by mistake. I store each set of 80 chips in a small Crown Royal bag, but I suppose other choices might suffice. NOTE from Rich Barbuto: You might try They have circular wooden chips as small as 15mm diameter, plus larger sizes as well.

  3. Martin Smith says:

    Thanks George and Rich. I’ll get searching. I’m thinking of using randomised sequential activation for a forthcoming solo game or two, and thought dealing out chips might be a good way of doing it.

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