Review of ‘Corsair: The Adventures of Hector Lynch’ book

Jonathan Aird reviews “Corsair: The Adventures of Hector Lynch,” a novel of historical fiction set along the Barbary Coast in the 17th Century.

It’s on the Reviews page.

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  1. JAird says:

    Well, I did eventually read Buccaneer, in which Hector Lynch turns pirate – although there is some splitting of hairs over the difference between a Buccaneer and a Pirate it’s hard to imagine that those on the receiving end noticed much of a difference. It is a better book than Corsair, although Hector does still tend to drift through the story, experiencing other people’s histories. There are a number of ship to ship combats, and some well described land battles (although as the buccaneer force rarely numbers more than 100 they are really big skirmishes!). Again the author does insist on telling us everything he’s researched – which does mean that characters sometimes talk like a 17th century Wikipedia !

    Overall – good rather than excellent, better than its predecessor. I wonder if I’ll ever read Pirate, the third in the series ?

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