‘The Solo Wargaming Guide’ reviewed

Peter R. Barkworth has reviewed “The Solo Wargaming Guide,” a 2013 book by William Silvester that is sure to be of interest to soloists.

It’s on the Reviews page.

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4 Responses to ‘The Solo Wargaming Guide’ reviewed

  1. Nangwaya says:

    Nice to read a review of this book, Peter.

    I had the pdf version for a few years, but did not really get into it until I purchased the hard copy a few months ago, and I am now using it for a horse and musket period campaign.

    I agree, it has lots here for whatever amount of time someone has been wargaming.

    At the very least, I find it a book that gives quite a bit of food for thought.


  2. Martin Smith says:

    Nicely written review of a most useful solo gaming aid. Many thanks.

  3. nobby says:

    There is a very good review and play through over 10 sessions on YouTube by the Joy of Wargaming.
    It is that good that in years of YouTubing it is the only time I have watched a series of review and play right the way through. This is number one:

  4. Paul Le Long says:

    Thanks Nobby – I’m watching it now & it’s great. In fact the whole channel is great & I subscribed – there’s heaps of interesting material there

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