Upcoming Friday Insights

By Rob Morgan

These short, free talks continue to be held at the London-based National Army


During January to March 2019, sadly, only a few seem to have material to offer
the wargamer.

11th January: ‘The Last Cavalry War in Europe’ by the historian Adam Zamoyski.
This will deal with the astonishing sweep of vast mounted forces across the
western steppes of Poland, Ukraine and Russia post-1918, an immense and still
too little understood series of conflicts.

15th February:  ‘SAS Italian Job’ by Damien Lewis who recounts a significant
British raid against German positions in Italy in 1944.

There are other talks, on rations in WWI, on horse supply in the same war, and
on the origins of the Zulu War, but these two offer most, or seem to. The talks
start at 11.30, and last about an hour. If anyone is able to attend Zamoyski’s
talk and can provide a comment on it for these pages, I’m certain it would be a
rare and valuable delight for SWA members.

The NAM is always worth a visit, and its programme of events is usually

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