What’s new — New sample article

A new sample article is now posted to the Sample Articles page. This article is a set of rules for running a solo World War II ground skirmish game, set in the Pacific theater. The article is from the April-June 2005 issue of Lone Warrior magazine, No. 150. It’s written by Kevin White.

Take a look!

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3 Responses to What’s new — New sample article

  1. Mike Crane says:

    All of the sample articles are great. The new article is outstanding. Thanks go to the writers and everyone involved in publishing them on the blog! It is so good to read them again. Often the old LW issues are filed away in notebooks and placed on the shelf to gather dust. The articles are often forgotten as new ideas in the next issue of LW are analysed and absorbed. Now these older articles are seeing the light of day again and they are just as relevant and entertaining as the day they were written. Good work, fellows!

  2. Paul Le Long says:

    I agree with you Mike – it’s great to see these articles again. My old copies of LW are on the shelf or stored in my loft….and it doesn’t always occur to me to look back through them. And yes, the ideas come thick & fast and so some things get left behind. Which is a shame because some really deserve our attention.
    I remember this particular article – I meant to try it out when it first appeared (I’m shocked to see it was 6 years ago!) – so this time I’m definitely going to give it a go.
    Good to see this high quality material again. And good to be reminded that it’s there.

  3. John says:

    Thank you for posting these. I’ve used Kevin White’s “In Good Company: Simple Colonial Rules” from LW 168 as a change of pace from my regular ruleset for that era and found those enjoyable, so I was happy to see these skirmish rules of his posted. I’ve played these WWII rules twice now (just the patrol scenario, started fresh each time) and both times were fun and tense – a combined result of the activation deck and poor decision making on my part (you’d think I’d have learned after the first go-round). The enemy force carried the day in both games which I take as a good sign when playing rules solo. The squad generation and campaign sections were particularly interesting to me and I’ll probably incorporate something similar into other periods.

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