A note on ‘Predator’ book

By Rob Morgan

Written by Richard Whittle, this 350+ page volume is published by Hart of New York, and the price in the UK is £20 hardback, it’s subtitled “The Origins of Drones in Warfare.”  Drones, says the author, “sparked a revolution in aviation,” and so they did.

This note isn’t intended to be a fully detailed examination of this book, but merely an indication to modern, i.e. post-20th century, wargamers that this is a book they need to read before they place another T80, Leopard or Merkava on the table top. The armed drone has immense potential on or over the wargames table, and to understand how to fight modern battles this is the volume to read.

One photo fascinated me. It’s of a single small drone, looking much like one of the Bronco pusher planes which were used in Vietnam. This was General Atomics’ “Kamikaze drone,” intended to deter (!) Soviet armour. The potential in this for a wargame staggers me. Excellent value for the modernist, a Kamikaze!

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