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As a semi-retired professor, I have time to indulge myself with hobbies. Solo wargaming with 54mm figures using One Hour Wargame (OHW) rules and an expanded card deck is my style of play.


By Jim Rohrer Wikipedia, my favorite source on anything, has an article on man-to-man wargaming, aka skirmish wargaming. The history of this style and also the difficulties in game design are interesting. Reading this motivated me to google best skirmish … Continue reading

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By Jim Rohrer I enjoy rules from both “One-Hour Wargames” and “The Portable Wargame.” Often I have used grid movement rules from TPW with combat rules from OHW. Today I am wondering about the assumptions behind the different combat rules … Continue reading

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The Thirty Years War

By Jim Rohrer Articulating why we like the eras we model can be challenging.  The reasons may not be the same for all of our favorite eras.  I like Dark Ages because I have read accounts of many battles involving … Continue reading

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Floating grids

By Jim Rohrer This is a new game board set up for me. It was inspired by Bob Cordery’s Wargame Miscellany site. Bob uses hexes instead of squares. This site shows use of floating squares but they are 2″ … Continue reading

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New rules needed for light armor integrated with infantry?

By Jim Rohrer Tanks appeal to many wargamers, but their star has been waning for a long time.  Heavy tanks are tough to airdrop so they are not useful for flexible rapid response.  They have a long logistical tail and … Continue reading

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Classic-style wargaming: figures and terrain

By Jim Rohrer The writing of Charles Grant has opened my eyes to some ways the wargaming hobby has changed.  Grant used 1/72 Airfix figures out of the box, sometimes apparently unpainted and unbased.  Today, hobbyists are naturally led to … Continue reading

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Vietnam War gaming

By Jim Rohrer Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine No. 111 (Dec/Jan 2021) contains a few articles about the Vietnam War.  The editor expressed some reservations about this theme, since some readers may feel it is too soon to game a … Continue reading

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What vehicles are out there?

By Jim Rohrer Wargaming in eras after World War I requires vehicles.  Each decade, the variety of vehicle types increased.  Deciding which types to include in your battles is one issue.  Another is where you obtain the vehicles.  This brief … Continue reading

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Matchbox Humvees

By Jim Rohrer Matchbox cars are about the right size for some tabletop wargaming. The ubiquitous Humvee was sold by Matchbox in several paint schemes. Thinking of their potential for patrol scenarios or mechanized assaults, I recently bought some of … Continue reading

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Avalon Hill board games

By Jim Rohrer Paul Le Long reviewed “Bull Run: First Major Battle of the American Civil War,” published by Avalon Hill in 1983 and designed by Richard Hamblen.  His review gave me hope that other Avalon Hill board games might … Continue reading

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