An anniversary and something new

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the launch of this Lone Warrior Blog. The blog “came to life” with its first post on May 7, 2011, a greeting from Lone Warrior magazine editor Rich Barbuto.

Since then, the blog has featured nearly 500 individual posts, including battle reports, reviews of books, rules, models, miniatures and games, content descriptions of the latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine, and much, much more .

All of that information (with the exception of older Sample Articles) remains available in the archives, which you can access through the “Archives” or the “Categories” lists on the right side of the blog’s home page. Clicking on a certain month in the Archives list will bring up everything that was posted on the blog that month. Clicking on a Category will bring up everything published and filed in that category. For example, clicking on “Periods – American Civil War” will bring up anything that’s been filed under that category over the course of the last four years.

This week, a new category has been added, “Battle reports.” In the past, these reports have just been filed under their particular periods, but this new category means all the reports that were posted directly to the blog will appear when you click on the new category.

Also, please remember that many other battle reports have been filed on the Miscellaneous page and can be directly accessed on that page.

The blog is always looking for more battle reports and anyone who wants to write up their games is welcome to send the reports directly to the blog, via the Contact Us link at the top of the blog pages. Photos are also welcome. And, we’ll be happy to put the reports and photos together if you’d rather send them separately.

Finally, here on the blog we’re not just looking for game/battle reports. There’s always a need for new material and anyone who’s interested is encouraged to submit an article, a comment on someone else’s article, questions, reviews or anything else that might be of interest to soloists. Just as Lone Warrior magazine depends on its readers/contributors for material, so does this blog. Please consider contributing to the magazine, the blog, or both. We need you.

— George Arnold, blog administrator

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