Like what you see?

As part of some wider-ranging discussion about enabling more feedback for this website, we’ve now added “Like” buttons to the blog. At the bottom of each post and comment, users will now find a gray “thumbs up” icon. If you like what you’re reading, you can just click the icon and your appreciation will be noted.

You can only “Like” a post or comment once. The gray box turns red to remind you that you’ve already voted there. If you click the red button a second time, it will erase your original Like.

Anyway, try the Like buttons; it’s easy to get the hang of it. And our contributors will also appreciate your approval.

Of course, we still need your longer comments on posts here too.

There will be more announcements about other feedback options, both on this website and in Lone Warrior as well.

— Lone Warrior website administrator

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2 Responses to Like what you see?

  1. Richard Barbuto says:

    George, this is a great step forward. Feedback is important as it demonstrates that the contributor’s efforts were appreciated. And longer comments move the conversation forward. Thanks for making the “Like” button available.

  2. Paul Le Long says:

    It’s really lovely to see people liking the posts!

    Also I just tried the sharing to Twitter button and it works fine. Hopefully, if we all share stuff to our social media of choice it will give us a bit more publicity.

    Thanks George!

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