Bargain basement tanks and AFVs

By Rob Morgan

The UK bookshop chain The Works never ceases to amaze me. This, the first week in October, a substantial bin of blister pack models in 1/72nd scale has appeared, all at £2 a model, ideal for wargames use, sturdy, painted (and sensibly so) and covering some unusual types for which a much larger amount of coin would have to change hands normally.

I bought a couple of WWII Soviet T-28’s and an SU-122, and a JS-II, very useful stuff. Most of the models are single-piece hulls, a hard plastic turret, which does revolve, and — would you believe it? — early Airfix-type soft tracks! All in all, lovely models, and very well detailed indeed. 10 out of 10 marks. I’m particularly surprised that their provenance is, made in a Chinese factory, for a Russian company, and exported to the UK from Romania!Unlikely, I suspect, to turn up in the USA.

Others I came upon in four different Works branches across South Wales are:

— Swedish ‘S’ tank

— Several variants of Challenger and Chieftain and Centurion.

— In Red Army colours, piles of T-80s, and T34-85s and 76s in green and also in Winter camouflage.

— There is a splendid Red Army early-war lend-lease Matilda 2 (very popular with the Soviets due to it’s substantial frontal armour), and the JS and several SU variants I mentioned earlier. A few Cold War Russian heavy trucks too.

For about 20 pounds you could equip a decent Ostfront force!

The same shop has a substantial range of WWII 1/32nd scale models of AFVs as well; not exactly my scale wargames model, but lovely. The bins I examined had Hanomags, including rocket-equipped jobs, and Somuas and Puma armoured cars, and half tracks and some light tanks of various types. I can’t give a detailed description of the 1/32nds. because I didn’t buy any (they sell at £10 each, plastic boxed) but they will interest some readers, I’m sure.

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