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I've been wargaming for over 50 years, often solo. I've written lots of games and rules, some published, and articles in the wargames press.

Change of Editor

By Brian Cameron That’s not a title one can use often in the SWA given Rich Barbuto has been in post for 27 years. May I extend my thanks and congratulations for all the hard work you’ve put in over … Continue reading

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Lone Warrior No. 216

By Brian Cameron Well, that was a cracking read! I think Martin Smith is harsh on himself — I think there’s a lot of creativity and imagination on display in the ‘What’s in a name?’ article. And I’d suggest — … Continue reading

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Wargames Illustrated #403

By Brian Cameron The current issue has an interesting article, “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” about applying solo AI systems to two-player games. There are some nice ideas which can obviously be used in solo games. … Continue reading

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More on banana oil

By Brian Cameron Oddly, a day or so after my last post, a friend asked me about banana oil, which prompted me to look into the subject. You can get the genuine article here: However, it’s worth noting that … Continue reading

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Airfix Magazines

By Brian Cameron Anyone who is enthused by Rob Morgan’s comments can find a selection of issues on the Internet Archive: I remember many of the articles about converting Airfix figures (and have copies of some), often using plasticene … Continue reading

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Lone Warrior #213 – some feedback

By Brian Cameron I certainly agree with Rob Morgan (Solo wargaming: its place in the modern world) about having too many interests. I partially solve this (as you’ll see in the next issue, inspired by Steve Turner’s article) by not … Continue reading

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