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I've been wargaming for over 50 years, often solo. I've written lots of games and rules, some published, and articles in the wargames press.


I was disappointed to read in LW #220 Rob Morgan repeating the imperialist perspective trotted out by that propaganda tool ‘Stingray’. Let’s take a look at the real situation. The oceans are home to a number of civilisations, in particular … Continue reading

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Change of Editor

By Brian Cameron That’s not a title one can use often in the SWA given Rich Barbuto has been in post for 27 years. May I extend my thanks and congratulations for all the hard work you’ve put in over … Continue reading

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Lone Warrior No. 216

By Brian Cameron Well, that was a cracking read! I think Martin Smith is harsh on himself — I think there’s a lot of creativity and imagination on display in the ‘What’s in a name?’ article. And I’d suggest — … Continue reading

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Wargames Illustrated #403

By Brian Cameron The current issue has an interesting article, “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that,” about applying solo AI systems to two-player games. There are some nice ideas which can obviously be used in solo games. … Continue reading

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More on banana oil

By Brian Cameron Oddly, a day or so after my last post, a friend asked me about banana oil, which prompted me to look into the subject. You can get the genuine article here: However, it’s worth noting that … Continue reading

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Airfix Magazines

By Brian Cameron Anyone who is enthused by Rob Morgan’s comments can find a selection of issues on the Internet Archive: I remember many of the articles about converting Airfix figures (and have copies of some), often using plasticene … Continue reading

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Lone Warrior #213 – some feedback

By Brian Cameron I certainly agree with Rob Morgan (Solo wargaming: its place in the modern world) about having too many interests. I partially solve this (as you’ll see in the next issue, inspired by Steve Turner’s article) by not … Continue reading

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