Coming soon! No. 188

Editor Rich Barbuto informs that issue No. 188 of Lone Warrior magazine has been mailed, with electronic versions to follow shortly. Here’s a list of the contents:

  • “The Battle of Coppelstone Ridge” (English Civil War) by Chris Hahn;
  • “Das Boot” (U-boat vs. convoy game) by David Newport;
  • “Questions? Questions?” (a quiz) by Rob Morgan;
  • “The Alamo” (designing a game) by Rich Barbuto;
  • “Crete: The Battle and the Resistance” (book review and WWII gaming possibilities) by Rob Morgan;
  • “(H)existential Angst” (gaming in a small space) by Paul Le Long;
  • “Questions? Answers” (the answers to the quiz) by Rob Morgan;
  • “Letter From the Editor” (with some big news!) by Rich Barbuto;
  • “Some Campaign Considerations, Part II” (more on setting up an ACW campaign) by George Arnold;
  • “One Oasis, Two Rulers and a Lot of Chariots” (Egyptians vs. Babylonians AAR) by Chris Hahn.
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