No. 203 ready for takeoff

It’s that time again.

Editor Rich Barbuto plans delivery of the latest issue of Lone Warrior for this weekend.

As usual, here’s a quick preview of the contents:

  • ‘Not Your Grandfather’s Waterloo,’ by George Knapp. Rules for a Napoleonic game based on the SPI board game “Napoleon at Waterloo,” with solo adaptations.
  • ‘A Little Morschauser Medieval Magic,’ by Kevin White. Some ideas for setting up a gridded game board with a smaller number of figures.
  • ‘Caesar’s (Floating) Palace: The Wargame c. AD 41,’ by Rob Morgan. Scenarios for an ancient naval game, based on an unusual ship model.
  • ‘An Idea is Where you Find It,’ by George Arnold. Cross-pollination between some very different games and rules.
  • ‘Employing the “Mythic GME” in Wargames and Campaigns,’ by Stephen Turner. Using the Mythic Games Master Emulator (available on the Web) to augment your own gaming.
  • ‘A Most Remarkable War,’ by Rob Morgan. A review and more of the Osprey on the Greek-Turkish War of 199-22, including notes on usable figures.
  • ‘The Battle of Alton (or How Wargames Changed My Life),’ by Paul Le Long. Discussion of the English Civil War battle, along with the author’s personal connection to the site of the battle itself.
  • ‘From Bunker Hill to New Orleans,’ by Rich Barbuto. Our editor provides his set of modified rules for the American Revolution through the War of 1812.
  • ‘Editorial,’ by Rich Barbuto. Some thoughts on Lone Warrior.

A full issue, with the obligatory color photos and charts. Look for it soon.

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