Die-cast models

By Rob Morgan

“Buy it when you see it, not when you need it!” was the famous remark of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, a great hero to us Welshmen — and how often has that been the case in wargaming and model acquisition? Too often in my case. I regret not buying those two Zvezda 1/72nd scale Medieval Cogs at only £12 (about $18, I think), when I saw them two years back, and that’s just the start of it. Anyway, UK WWII wargamers who visit the High Street model shop chain Model-Zone at www.modelzone.co.uk will find an interesting bargain.

At only £10.99, the on-line shop is selling a die cast, 1/72nd late-war German Emil, the 128mm long-barreled “Selbstfahrlafette,” a magnificent weapon, and not one likely to crop up in plastic kit form! It’s an Easy Model brand, it’s painted grey overall, with basic markings;and the only criticism I can make, from the photos at least, is that the 20-odd “kill” rings on the barrel are a bit optimistic with all those JSII’s and SU’s about!

I’ve ordered one. Well, when are we likely to see another at that price? The kit appears under the “Sale” tag on the web-site and has the code PBEA36263.

On the subject of die-cast models, you can get a very decent SturmTiger, the 38cm mortar AFV from the same company, or try www.antics.co.uk, a very similar model retailer. For about £12-£14, a superb model with optional camouflage schemes, and — let’s face it — far better than the butchered Tiger I once produced with plasticard and bits of old biro pen from Chris Ellis’ October 1967 Airfix Magazine conversion article.

I’m steadily getting around to the idea that with plastic kits costing — what? — £5-£7 at least these days, for old stuff, a one-off high quality rarity is not that expensive. Couldn’t do it with Pz IV’s or T-34’s though!

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  1. JAird says:

    There’s some great diecast stuff around – the military trucks and jeeps from Oxford look handy for less than £5.

    I picked up a number of corgi diecasts a few years ago – Shermans and M3s mostly. Not sure they’re quite 1/76th, but they look ok – my idea was to use them for an AK-47 army. The only trouble with buying more than 1 of the same vehicle is that of course they all have the same markings (they are the same vehicle !).

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