Market-Garden board games review

David H. Allen takes a look at three board games in a series about World War II’s Operation Market-Garden and finds them well suited for solo play.

His review is on the Reviews page.

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2 Responses to Market-Garden board games review

  1. Paul Le Long says:

    What a fantastic review. Thanks.

    • George Arnold says:

      (David Allen submits the following.)


      Regarding availability of these games, I gathered the following information from an email and Facebook:

      Deluxe Editions of Paul Koening’s Market Garden and D-Day games are in the works, but Paul Koenig’s The Bulge is first, hopefully this summer.

      You can purchase any of their products via direct mail, email (, Paypal (, or by phone (714-887-7052).

      22342 Barbera
      Laguna Hills, CA 92653

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