HMS Good Hope, 1914

By Rob Morgan

This is one of my older wargames models, of HMS Good Hope, Admiral Cradock’s flagship at the fateful Battle of Coronel in 1914. A sizeable piece of metal, six inches long almost, 1/1200th and designed purely for wargames use. No frills at all, and in those days, since many of my models were used educationally, or in demonstration games, I kept the detail simple: a few additional ships boats from old Airfix 1/1200th kits and that was about it. These days, wargamers would demand super-detail, but nowadays as we all know, wargaming has very much turned in on itself, and a super-detailed model is so often necessary even if you’re fighting with the proverbial ‘tin-can-on-a-raft.’

I liked the old Trafalgar models, it was a big range and aimed at the wargamer. I bought this model for less than a quarter of the price of one of the German elite company ships. The range is still around, most of the moulds are now with Mick Yarrow, and if you Google him at Spanglefish you’ll find them easily. HMS Good Hope is 1230 in the list. The rest of the WWI stuff is excellent, destroyers, destroyer leaders and smaller escort ships. I like the almost comlete range of Monitors, very interesting vessels. There are bigger Dreadnoughts too, some of the German fleet are extremely attractive, but now, of course, a little  more expensive, as is inevitable with this much metal!

Nostalgia, eh?

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