Latest painting project: Peninsular British

By George Arnold

During these days of social distancing (isn’t that what solo gamers have been doing all along?), I’ve had plenty of extra time to take on some new painting projects.

Not long ago, inspired by a renewed interest in the DBN rules (De Bellis Napoleonicis, see, I decided to expand my Napoleonic forces. I’ve got lots of French and Austrians, but I was looking for something different. I chose some British troops from the Peninsular War and got the first installment of figures a few weeks ago, right about the time things began shutting down in my neck of the woods.

Here are a couple of photos of the troops I’ve finished. They are all AB figures, 15/18mm, very nice sculpts that take even my so-so painting well. I bought them through Eureka Miniatures USA, which may have one of the fastest delivery systems anywhere — five days from ordering to opening the mail parcel at home.

From left, two units of British regulars, one of Highlanders, one of light dragoons, a detachment of the 95th Rifles, and the commanding general himself.


A different photo angle, same troops.

As these neared completion, I fired off another order to Eureka and, already having it in hand, I’m ready to start on those. Now on the painting table are more British regulars, some light infantry, artillery and a number of Portuguese allies, including another light cavalry unit. There’s even a unit of Spanish militia. When they’re finished, I’ll be able to field two different versions of Peninsular armies from the DBN army lists. I’m already thinking about some games to set up.

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2 Responses to Latest painting project: Peninsular British

  1. Christop Prest says:

    Nice looking troops George.

    Do the DBN rules follow the same number of stands (12), to make an army like DBA?

  2. George Arnold says:

    Thanks, Chris. Under DBN, the armies are based on points. Generally, the smallest games are with 12-point armies. But, for example, average units cost one point each, while elite units cost 1.5 points and militia cost half a point each. So, you CAN end up with 12 stands, but it’s more likely to be 13-15 (or more, depending on how many lower-value units are in the army). Thanks for asking.

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