Lone Warrior 186 on the way

My hard copy of Lone Warrior No. 186 arrived in the mail today, with the standard, great variety of content. Here’s a list:

“Scratching a Seven Year’s Itch: The Battle of Mulhernberg” by Chris Hahn; “Diplomacy? Or Just Simply War?” by Rob Morgan; “It’s a long and dusty road …” by Jonathan Aird; “Ridge Line Reconnaissance” by Kevin White; “Nemo’s War: The Mysterious Island” by Jeffrey G. Chorney; “Kamikaze Attack” by Mike Crane and Paul Le Long; “One of Those Moments: Realizing It’s Time to Thin the Herd” by George Arnold; “Wounds 0f Honour — The Skirmish” by Jonathan Aird; “An Airfix Box Re-opened” by Rob Morgan; “Solo Dungeon Bash” by Paul Le Long; “Decisive Battles of the World” by Rob Morgan; “Shields and Skulls — A Simple Skirmish Game” by Paul Le Long.

Any comments, soloists?

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