Lone Warrior: No. 206 is coming soon

Another issue of Lone Warrior is being prepared for e-mailing and will be arriving soon. Here’s a sneak peek at the contents:

  • “Channel Islands 1944: A Solo ‘What If?’ Campaign” by Paul Le Long. A complete, original game depicting a fictional invasion of the Channel Islands soon after the D-Day landings.
  • “Battle in Africa, 1879-1914” by Rob Morgan. An in-depth review of Howard Whitehouse’s 1987 book on colonial wars in Africa.
  • “Black Spot” by Preston Shah. Re-imagining a pirate game as a solo endeavor. Several scenarios.
  • “The Siege of Vienna  (1683)” by Steve Turner. The history of the siege by Ottoman forces, and their defeat by John Sobieski’s army.
  • “Let’s Blow Up a Factory” by Peter R. Barkworth. A report on a game played on a model railroad table, with French partisans attacking a factory defended by World War II Germans.
  • “Mesopotamia: A Solo Game” by Mike Haran. Complete rules for a game played in 2mm, featuring ancient Chaldeans, Bactrians, Persians and Scythians.
  • “War Diaries” by Nic Birt. Suggestions for recording the campaigns and battles of solo gamers.
  • “Science Fiction Campaign Rules in Action” by John Horrell. A report on a science fiction exploration game, based on earlier rules and descriptions.
  • “The Hex and I” by George Arnold. Playing DBA on a hex-grid, with a battle report on Greeks vs. Polemaic Egyptians.
  • “Editorial” by Rich Barbuto. Our editor’s thoughts on the future of the Solo Wargamers Association, Lone Warrior, and the Lone Warrior Blog.

All with the usual complement of color photos, charts and graphics. Lots of good reading for soloists and any others interested in the hobby.

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