Lone Warrior No. 211 is on the way!

Editor Rich Barbuto reports that the latest issue of Lone Warrior is wrapping up production and will soon be on the way to subscribers. Here’s a preview of this issue’s content:

  • “Who Would Hold a Crown?” by Kevin White. A fictional, character-driven campaign system set in the medieval era.
  • “Paperless (Almost) Campaign” by Andrew Doig. A quick campaign system based on “One-Hour Wargames.”
  • “Attack on the Paris Commune, 1871” by Jim Rohrer. Small-scale gaming of a tumultuous period in 19th-Century France.
  • “‘Legendary Leagues’ with the game Marvel Legendary,” by Craig Dunglison. Playing some pre-designed scenarios for the card game.
  • “The Raid on Didyma” by Peter R. Barkworth. Persian forces try to capture and loot a temple defended by the Greeks. A large-scale battle report.
  • “My Favorite Books” by Steve Turner. The author lists some favorite books for historical periods he enjoys and challenges others to list their own preferences.
  • “Fort Zinderneuf: The Loneliest Outpost in the Empire” by Rob Morgan. How to build a Colonial-era fort, along with several gaming ideas with the fort as a centerpiece.
  • “A Song of Frost and Shadow: Fantasy Skirmish Wargames” by Paul Le Long. Some rules for “RPG-light” gaming in the world of Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep, with a battle report as well.
  • “The Solo Wargamers Association: A Short History” by George Heath and Graham Empson. If you’ve ever wondered how the SWA and Lone Warrior came to be and developed into their present form, here’s a comprehensive look at the background.

All with the usual complement of photos, charts and other illustrations. This issue is a packed 74 pages. Coming soon to an e-mailbox near you!

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