Lone Warrior No. 216

By Brian Cameron

Well, that was a cracking read! I think Martin Smith is harsh on himself — I think there’s a lot of creativity and imagination on display in the ‘What’s in a name?’ article. And I’d suggest — in a completely unbiased manner, being a scientist myself — that science involves a lot of imagination. I tend to take a different route, as per my article in No. 213, of using famous scientists (odd that) and composers for my imagi-nations armies. There’s obviously lots of other options: philosophers, poets, doctors, artists, etc, etc.

Photographs – as a definitely amateur photographer the only advice I can give is to recommend the use of a tripod to avoid camera shake. Henry Hyde has a good guide to photographing wargames on his battlegames website which I’d recommend even though I’ve not benefitted a lot myself!

‘Threads to innovation’ was a great example of how somewhat disparate elements can come together. But please, John, could you tell us the references for the cockpit and ‘no maps’ articles? I’ve searched through the Lone Warrior indices and I’ve not been able to spot the the Graham Empson article mentioned. I’ve yet to trawl through my issues of Battle magazine but I’m pretty sure that I don’t have them all now.

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I've been wargaming for over 50 years, often solo. I've written lots of games and rules, some published, and articles in the wargames press.
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  1. Martin Smith says:

    An excellent issue of LW, I thought … thanks, Rich! All the articles were well worthy of a thorough reading … and the Campaigns for Solo Gamers, Stacking the Decks and the OHW/PW comparison touched on subjects dear to my heart.

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