No. 182 is on the way!

Word arrives from Lone Warrior editor Rich Barbuto that the magazine’s issue No. 182 is on the way. Look for it soon in an in-box or mailbox near you.

As a teaser, here are the listed contents:

Wargaming Blind by Mike Stewart; Wooden Walls, Iron Balls, and Paper Ships by Paul Le Long; Company Commander by David Newport; Where’s That Unicorn? A Fast-Play Galley Game by George Arnold; American Civil War Logistics by John E. Horrell; Biblical Ancients — Part 2 by Jeffrey G. Chorney; The Fun and the Flame: Larry Brom by Edward Harvey; Gamble at Gratzen Heights by Chris Hahn; and an Editorial by Editor Rich, who notes that four of the writers for this issue are new to the pages of Lone Warrior, which is certainly encouraging news.


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4 Responses to No. 182 is on the way!

  1. Chris Hahn says:

    The bright yellow issue has arrived! Nice to see some new names in the table of contents. (Not to imply that anything was wrong with seeing familiar names!) Paul’s WOODEN WALLS piece has me thinking about trying out my sea legs. I do remember – and this was a long time ago – drafting some Age of Sail rules and using counters from some boardgame to play a few games. Thought the rules were pretty good for a teen-ager. It is also good to hear from/read about the continuing “adventures” and accomplishments of our esteemed editor.


  2. JAird says:

    Have to agree that seeing new names is a very good thing – the SWA and Lone Warrior will go from strength to strength if we have a broader circle of contributors. Again, not knocking the stalwarts at all, but the more view points and ideas that get bounced around the magazine can only be for the good.

    Every reader is a gamer, every gamer has an idea to share.

  3. Paul Le Long says:

    I just wanted to add to the points about new writers. I’ll be honest – I have been reading LW for years now and for much of that time my wife was encouraging me to contribute – but I was too lazy and, frankly, too selfish. I thought – why fill up the magazine with my stuff – I already know it, I’d rather read what someone else has written – better value for money. This is a terrible attitude but nevertheless…..

    Then a while ago Jonathan wrote about his hope that new writers would come forward & I thought – what the hell, give it a go. And I’m really glad I did – it is very rewarding to write for LW and fun too.

    So if you are like I used to be & think ‘why bother, everyone else’s stuff is good, why should I waste my time’ I would encourage you to give it a go; you may be surprised at how much you enjoy it. And it is a bit of a thrill to see your stuff published.


  4. Lone Wolf Warrior says:

    Great to see new contributors in LW that means us old greybeards will have newand exciting stuff to read. If more viewpoints and ideas that we see increases the sum of knowledge of us all which after all was the original mission of LW. So lets see moreI welcome the new contributors and hope to see many more.

    Best Regards,

    Lone ‘Wolf’ Warrior [AKA THAT Graham Empson]

    Be a seeker and speaker of truth for in that truth lies wisdom and the lessons to be learnt.

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