Luftwaffe NCO on the ground

By Rob Morgan

As we are unlikely to encounter dozens of splendid photographs of re-enactments this summer, at least until the world settles itself again, I’ve been digging in my files to see what I could come up with. Take this Unteroffizier with his MG42, sprinting forward. A good pose, and I think there was one very similar in the old Wargames Foundry 20mm range.

I didn’t get to meet this man, he was photographed by my colleague Jaime de Miguel at a huge gathering south of Madrid in 2015, but my guess is that with the sand cover on his helmet and the standard camo gear and basic kit he’s serving in Italy. The sand cover would stand out a mile in Normandy. That’s my contribution to the blog’s Photo Page (if we have one). Anybody else got something?

By the way, the fire engines, and the lady in the background are not linked in any way to the Anzio Campaign.

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