‘Military Modelling 1981 Manual’ Reviewed

Jonathan Aird reviews this 1981 offering from Military Modeling and highlights several articles of value to wargamers.

It’s on the Reviews page.

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6 Responses to ‘Military Modelling 1981 Manual’ Reviewed

  1. Martin Smith says:

    Great review . Makes me want to go out and search for a copy. .
    Thanks Jonathan and John.

  2. jimr says:

    Jonathan’s review is interesting. The first idea that popped into my head is that maybe I have not been using the standard definition of modeling. Most people probably assume that our hobby uses military models to play wargames. In contrast, I have always assumed that modeling means a small reproduction and wargaming is modeling battles. Military model figures are just game markers. We could model battles with counters or markers and lately that is what I have been doing: x means infantry, slash means cavalry, dot means artillery, etc. Collecting model figures can be a part of the wargaming hobby but some collectors are not using them in wargames. And professional military wargamers are not using miniature figures.

  3. JohnY says:

    From Rob Morgan:

    Jonathan’s note on this journal from forty years ago, rang a bell. I didn’t buy
    many of them, or many of the parent magazine’s issues either. Compared to
    ‘Battle for Wargamers’ which closed in late 1978, it was thin commons for
    gamers. Yes, there were occasional wargames related articles, one or two an
    issue, and you could still enjoy the publication even if you weren’t a uniform
    painter or a model maker in 1/35 th scale, but ‘Battle’ was better.

    There are one or two good articles in this special, the note on ‘Cantinieres’
    reminded me that I created a couple using the Airfix Wagon Train walking
    female settler, a figure of otherwise limited value in gaming.

    The best article however, is on ‘Penal Regiments of the Napoleonic Armies’
    which led me to jot a few game notes on the subject long ago. I felt, and still do,
    that it has a good deal to offer the solo wargamer. A lot of potential in the term
    ‘penal’, rebellion, mutiny, desertion, the specific use of a group of desperados in
    action, a range of difficulties for commanders.

    I recall there was an article on the ‘Royal African Regiment’, that was a British
    Napoleonic period penal unit in another journal (Army & Navy Model World?),
    but can’t find it at the moment. Penal units and their attendant problems have
    existed through much of recorded military history of course, and we could make
    some interesting use of them on the tabletop.

  4. jimr says:

    Here is an example of wargaming without using miniature figures.

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