No. 187 hits the mailbox

PDF copies having already been dispatched, my hard copy of Lone Warrior No. 187 appeared in my mailbox today — always a happy occasion! Here’s the Table of Contents:

“The Crossroads at Clarendon” by Chris Hahn; “Combat Air Patrol” by Kevin White; “Thoughts on a Dalek Army” by Rob Morgan; “Theory and Practice” by Marvin Scott; “Ironclads, Tinclads and Cottonclads” by Rob Morgan; “Classis 3.0: Some Final Work on My Ancient Galley Rules” by George Arnold; “A Navy Quiz” by Rob Morgan; “Solo Campaign: Zulus Against British” by Wally Simon; “A Navy Quiz — Answers” by Rob Morgan; “Forum” by John Yorio.

I’m heading to the couch for some reading time.

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  1. JAird says:

    It’s an excellent issue – haven’t had time to read it all yet, but Combat Air Patrol has grabbed the eye, and the Daleks article is great fun.

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