No. 195 is on the way

The latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine, No. 195, is being prepared for delivery in the next few days. Here’s an early look at the contents:

  • ‘Don Featherstone’s Campaigns: A Viking Raid; a Solo Twist.’ Kevin White provides a scenario from one of Featherstone’s books, along with his rules to fight out any encounters.
  • ‘A Quiz for Wargamers.’ Rob Morgan poses some questions.
  • ‘Campaigns and Imaginations.’ Jeffrey G. Chorney takes readers through the detailed steps required to set up a solo campaign.
  • ‘Simple Solo Seafaring in the Second World War.’ Paul Le Long provides rules for a solo naval game in the Mediterranean during WWII.
  • ‘An Odd Little Fleet From Games Workshop.’ Rob Morgan embellishes some GW models to provide a late 1800s-type fleet.
  • ‘Solo Live Action Role-Playing.’ Preston Shah presents some ideas for acting out a live-action solo game.
  • ‘Golan Heights 1973 Campaign.’ Nic Birt discusses a solo scenario, with the player as the Israelis and their Syrian opponents as the programmed enemy.
  • ‘Battle Cry, my way.’ George Arnold takes a old board game in some different directions.
  • ‘South American Wars reviewed.’ Rob Morgan reviews two books on 19th century wars in South America, with useful advice about where to find figures to use in gaming the conflicts.
  • ‘Quiz Answers.’ Rob Morgan gives readers the answers to his quiz from earlier in the issue.
  • ‘Final Thoughts.’ Lone Warrior Editor Rich Barbuto pens an update on his activities of late.

As usual, with lots of color throughout — photos, maps. Lots to read and look at!

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