Here comes No. 185

Sleet, then snow in this part of the world today. But the mail ran. And it brought the latest issue of Lone Warrior magazine, No. 185.

Here’s a list of the contents: “Editorial: The Joys of Self Simulation” by Rich Barbuto; “Skirmish in the Sudan 1879” by Steve Turner; “Don Featherstone: A Remembrance” by Rob Morgan; “”Company Commander 3” by David Newport; “Impossible Quiz” by Marvin Scott; “Solo Wargaming with Heritage Figures” by Bob Stewart; “Some Campaign Considerations Part I, Moving from Dream To Reality” by George Arnold; “Recycled Rules Mechanisms” by Paul Le Long; “Solo Roleplaying (and wargaming too)” by Paul Le Long; “Biblical Ancients Part 3: The Tournament and Conclusions” by Jeffrey G. Chorney; “Colonial Air Warfare” by Rob Morgan; “Domino Theory” by Paul Le Long; “The Bandy Papers” by Jeffrey G. Chorney; “I Do It By Myself” by John McLaughlin.

Quite a range of subjects and writers.

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