Nothing on D-Day?

By Rob Morgan

One of the things I anticipated, what with it being the 75th anniversary and all that, was a rash of material, notes, photos, comments, ideas for wargames, etc, etc, about D-Day in the Blog thing.

Nothing. Nothing at all.

I can’t understand why. Not at all. Perhaps solo gaming D-Day, the attack on Pegasus Bridge, the German small naval craft response and the astonishing potential of the Bocage no longer appeals to the modern wargamer.

Anyway, here’s my D-Day contribution. Three photos of Normandy sites from my collection.

1. A Sexton 25pdr Self Propelled Gun. Near Arromanches, behind Gold Beach. About a hundred metres inland.









2. A Centaur tank of the Royal Marines Armoured Group. This is mounted as a memorial at Pegasus Bridge.










3. A massive 88, Flak 41, mounted on a field carriage. This is in the yard at a farm near Formigny, behind Omaha Beach. A big gun. Very.

A quiz question to end. What date was D-Day originally intended to be? Answer, June 5th. Weather delayed it for a day.

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  1. Mike Crane says:

    :Wonderful! I think we were all watching the news of the 75th anniversary on TV and remembering the veterans of that event who are no longer with us. Thank you for writing the article which will make us remember them again. –Mike Crane

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