Possible useful site — Airfix Last Chance

Thought that this might be of interest to some people. On the Airfix web page there is a last chance to buy section with discontinued items. Most of these also have a good discount applied as well and it goes post free (in the UK) at £30.


I picked up some of the Mary Rose starter sets – pricey I think at £8 but quite good at £4.  I’ll try and do a proper review soon (maybe I’ll even assemble and paint one!). If I didn’t have a lot of them already the Vickers Mk VI is also a good deal at £4. Worth a look, I think.


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  1. JAird says:

    Should probably have also mentioned this – the Airfix Waterloo set.

    It consists of 8 boxes of figures, the Waterloo farmhouse, the (previously rarer than Hen’s teeth) accessories – carts etc, and a new scenic base !

    All that for £40! The Figures alone are worth more. Excellent first purchase for anyone thinking of getting into Napoleonics.

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