Review of ‘American Civil War Guerrilla Tactics’ (Osprey)

Paul Le Long reviews an Osprey book on guerrilla warfare during the American Civil War.

It’s on the Ospreys at a Glance page.

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4 Responses to Review of ‘American Civil War Guerrilla Tactics’ (Osprey)

  1. JAird says:

    Oh dear – another title I have to buy ! 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about getting this one as it looks ideal for basing small wargames on, I’m fully convinced now.

  2. Paul Le Long says:

    You won’t be disappointed Jonathan.

    Does anyone have the ACW Railroad Tactics book in the Osprey Elite series? I’ll probably get it anyway but if anyone has it and wants to do a review that would be welcome.

    • JAird says:

      As it happens Paul I do have that Osprey ! I like trains – and armoured steam trains I like even more 🙂

      Happy to review it – but I can tell you right now that it is one Osprey you really do need to own! I’d rate it high in my Top 10 Ospreys of all time.

      Oh, and now I think of it we really should have that thread – Top 10 Ospreys – at some point !

  3. Paul Le Long says:

    !!!! Thanks Jonathan

    Inevitably I’m thinking (probably obsessively) about my top 10 Ospreys already…..

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